Christmas Eve is the best night of the year to go out drinking.

After months of Christmas carols, jingles and jangles, crowded malls and decked-out halls, postal strikes and flu shots across the nation leading up to the big day…you probably need a drink already.

yuk christmas dinner

Christmas Eve is the apex of the holiday season and for many it’s a quiet time to spend with friends and family. However there are people that don’t follow the traditional yuletide formula and they’re looking for ways to beat the boredom on one of the most quiet nights of the year.

Though many businesses in the Toronto close early on Christmas Eve, there are a handful of bars that remain open until last call to serve patrons looking for an alternate experience.


Those who populate bars on Christmas Eve aren’t always the lonely barflies you might expect. Some individuals are on business trips while others don’t celebrate the holiday in either the religious or cultural formats. Whatever the reason might be, there is excellent entertainment and drinking to be had with other people on this otherwise docile night.

Christmas Eve is the most underrated night to go drinking throughout Toronto. The city is uncharacteristically quiet, but those who do venture out to the open bars are typically friendly souls who make for great drinking partners (and it doesn’t hurt that they probably don’t have to work the next day).


The camaraderie, kindness and goodwill that you encounter in bars on Christmas Eve makes for a welcoming environment to indulge in beverages until festively buzzed. It is this day, more than any other, that produces the happiest drinkers, and for anyone at a bar, it’s always “a night to remember” (subjective to consumption).

Patrons who locate open bars stay longer, drink more and socialize with strangers (and a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met). Bartenders are more relaxed and outgoing and they’re eager to give you their undivided attention and make you feel like you’re at home.


So if you’re lacking traditional Christmas Eve plans or you’re looking to create a new tradition for yourself, friends and/or family, one that enriches an evening you probably already love…then you have the opportunity to join other Christmas Eve barflies for a truly amazing experience.


Remember, baby, it’s cold outside, so rather than wandering around trying to find the premier open bars, you can join us on the one and only Christmas Eve Bar Crawl, because when you party with the best of us, you party with the festivus!

Edited by Tom Hiley