This is honestly one of the best thing I have ever done within my travel experience over 20 countries!! The idea itself is amazing. Imagine meeting 13 travelers from different countries. You never met each other, but just happen to explore the same destination at the same time. You have endless funny things to share, from all aspects. You will also learn thing from other countries. I have learnt a lot about Africa after this party! More importantly, Zoubin is definitely a super host. He takes care everyone’s feeling, making sure we all enjoy the night. I have told him that I am absolute coming again when my wife is traveling with me next time! I think everyone must go, don’t miss this incredible experience! Thanks again Zoubin!!

We had such a fantastic time on the bar crawl this weekend! Zoubin was a great host and took us to some great places. We met some fun peeps and made new friends. Thank you Zoubin for sharing your favorite dive bars with us. I highly recommend this adventure!


Expérience exceptionnelle à Toronto. Tournée des bars très amicale. Zoubin est très sympathique. Fortement recommandé surtout en début de week-end.


Zoubin was very friendly, encouraged conversation between everybody, and took us to places that were not crowded and we were able to get drinks at. Overall great time.


Meet as strangers, leave as friends!” Wow, what can I say! Zoubin and his friends were a blast. I spent my last night in Toronto with these guys and it was so worth it. This was my first time doing anything like this so I was a little skeptical at first especially because I was traveling alone. But Zoubin is definitely the type of person who would put you at ease. You can just tell he loves what he does and is genuinely concerned with everyone having a good time. That made all the difference for me. If you’re an open-minded person and enjoy authentic experiences, I highly recommend doing this bar crawl. Thanks again Zoubin for making my birthday trip and first time to Toronto that much more memorable! Cheers


Words can’t describe how awesome Zoubin’s bar crawl was. Met fantastic people, drank good beer from each each bar and had an electric time!


HIGHLY recommend participating in Zoubin’s bar crawl! it was by far my friends and I’s favorite part about our trip. He takes you to many places you would most likely never find on your own. Zoubin is so nice and welcoming and you really get to know your whole group participating in the bar crawl. Would definitely do it again!


What a night! I strongly recommend this if you are looking for meeting some new people and see some cool bars.


The bar crawl ended up being loads of fun and meeting other travelers who also wanted a good night in the city was a highlight of my trip! Zoubin is very friendly and personable and helped make the night a success with this, and his knowledge of Toronto culture.


Since the first minutes, I felt like having fun with longtime friends and that feeling just keep on growing during the night. If you want to know the real soul of Toronto, don’t hesitate to take this experience.


If you’re ready to visit some local bars all within walking distance of each other while drinking and mingling with new friends. Then this is the event for you! While I was on this bar tour we visited 5 different bars and ended up meeting the most fascinating people from all over the world! Everyone on our bar tour was very friendly and welcoming. Zoubin is a treasure, very hospitable and truly loves what he does! I would recommend this event to anyone who’s looking for a fun night out with a true Toronto experience! As long as you like to drink and have a positive attitude about talking to people.. you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time! Definitely worth it!


It was definitely worth it! I had just moved to Toronto and decided to join in on one of Zoubin’s bar crawls. The experience was exceptional. You get to meet interesting people from all across, have a couple of drinks and discover the cool bars and neighbourhoods of TO! Zoubin is also a great and fun host and very chill. Whether you are visiting or living here, I would highly recommend giving it a try!


Nice way to meet and see local Toronto, and places less known


Expect to laugh, walk, drink, crawl, and to be merry. Zoubin keeps the group lively, with the help of everybody having fun. Enjoyed each bar and the knowledge Zoubin brought with him. CHEERS!


Zoubin is an excellent guide, and knows much of the best places in the city to have a drink. Our group stood out quite nicely- having a great time with new friends from all over the world. Such a unique experience; you won’t be disappointed!


Zoubin was super nice and fun! The bar crawl was interactive and interesting, and I met some cool people through it and now have some friends in Toronto. If you’re looking for something to do on your weekend in town, it’s definitely a good time and Zoubin is a great host- very informative and welcoming.


Zoubin brought together a really fun group for an outstanding night out in Toronto. He took us to unique, local bars and we even met some of his friends. It was the best St Patrick’s Day ever!


Zoubin was a knowledgeable guy. You will enjoy your time with him. We love you Uncle Zoubin.


Highly recommendable! If you are looking for a great and funny night in the heart of Trononto you’ll have to join Zoubins bar crawl. Zoubin will welcome you warmly and it is super easy to get to know new people and make new friends. Loved it 🙂


It was expectational experience. I love it. We visited 5 different bars with the unique hand made well designed passport. He introduced me the bar culture and how to find the best seats in a bar. I found two special coins in my pocket on the next day. It was definitely a fun experience. Especially for the people who from the non-bar culture background, like me. High recommended. Good buddies and open mindedness are the key to bar crawl. Hope see Zoubin again soon


This was a fun bar crawl experience! Zoubin picked a few quaint bars with interesting drink options along Dundas west, by the Little Portugal neighborhood to take us to. Zoubin is an awesome host and fun to hang out with. As an old resident of the city, along the crawl , he had intriguing (Website hidden by Airbnb) and insights to share about the bars, the neighborhood, and Toronto city which made the evening more enjoyable! I would recommend this bar crawl to anyone who is looking to spend an evening experiencing and enjoying a fun Toronto neighborhood visiting off the beaten path bars, (and may be cafes/restaurants after the crawl) while making new friends and having interesting conversations!


Wanna have real fun? This experience is perfect! We’ve got passports and stamps from each bar we went to. What a touch from our fantastic, friendly host! Go for it! You gonna love it. Trust me.


Great night!! Zoubin took us to bars that we would have never found on the tourist maps; unique character, great vibes, combined with Zoubin’s joie de vivre made it a fabulous experience. If you want to explore Toronto off the beaten path then Zoubin’s bar crawl shouldn’t be missed!!


Zoubin is to the Toronto bar crawl what Beethoven is to classical music. He’s pieced together a set of colorful bars with distinct characters, and added heavy doses of wit and fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat!


Night of perfection! Zoubin knows his city, his people, his bars, his drinks and fun. As a Torontonian for many years, I was impressed being taken to places I would have never thought of. Each bar was awesome and totally unique. Our group started small and ended with 10-15ppl finishing way past my bedtime! CN Tower What? Aquarium Who? Zoubin’s PubCrawl = Worth it! He is Toronto 🙂 I know many of us will do it again!


No better way to get acquainted with the locals than Zoubin’s bar crawl. He’s an exceptionally nice guy and a true Toronto native! I ended up hanging out with the group way past the 10 pm “last call”.


Zoubin is amazing! He showed us an amazing side of Toronto that I would never have found as a tourist. Very unique, local bars. Zoubin himself is one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever met.. well traveled, super charismatic and nice, and full of interesting stories. If you go to Toronto you must LINK UP WITH THE ZOUBIN!