Although I was totally hung over from running our July 14th 2018 Toronto Bar Crawl, I had the official opening party at Houndstooth Bar on my calendar as something I really need to be at.

Houndstooth is technically a new bar in Toronto’s downtown Chinatown, however upto now the building itself has been home to a few different bars all with their own character and dynamics. So they have hit the ground running, and Houndstooth is carving out its own vibe in the Chinatown/Kensington market nightlife scene.

The owners of the bar are Matias Rafael Marin and Alex Earl Gray, who are no strangers to the industry.

Alex has himself been a long time bartender at the many iterations of bars that have been at 60 Cecil Street. Alex in my opinion one of the better bartenders I have run into in Toronto in years. For the opening, he was our gracious host who slowly made his way to everyone to spend time with them and make everyone feel welcome at the event.

It was very interesting to see a wide range of people come together to officially welcome the bar into existence. That’s the magic of grand opening parties.

For me it was just what the doctor ordered to cure my hangover. “Teddy Hawkins and his Two Timin Three” band were rockin the tunes, and I just kept on drinking my double whiskey on ice as the perfect summer afternoon washed over me.

By the time they finished their 3 sets, I was perfectly sauced up to welcome another night of partying.

The bar does not have a website or but their organic Facebook page seems to be: and their Instagram

They are located at 60 Cecil Street, with the closest interactions being College and Spadina.

It is a small bar, so it doesnt take much to make it feel full and cozy quite often regardless of what night of the week you go. It has a steady cast of regulars, and a nice patio that is well used in the summer.

Drinks are usually not fancy, but I have noticed that they are starting to serve some cocktails specials here and there now. In general drinks are reasonably priced, and it is a good place to knock them back.

I would recommend checking it out, especially if Alex is bar-tending himself.

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